Penny Postcards Will Make High-Impact With Your Buyers

1.   It screams for attention with its jumbo 12 x 15 postcard that is the biggest thing in their mailbox.

2.  Unlike an individual postcard with one business, our postcards have up to 14 colorful ads that cannot be dismissed quickly. We             force the recipient to stop, look, and read.

3.  People only buy from friends and not strangers. Since we only mail in the same city as the businesses placed on each                         campaign, buyers recognize your name and that creates trust and stronger conversion rates. 

4.  Other mediums like television, radio, newspapers, and social media depend on your buyers being present to capture their                 attention. Regardless of their daily activities, direct mail finds your perfect buyers at their mailbox on a daily basis.


5.  Pricing. Our economical solution allows small businesses to participate with a very powerful but expensive medium called                 direct mail. With any advertisement, it's a numbers game. With our pricing as low as $.053 each, every business can reap the               rewards of high quantity, long-term marketing without busting their budget.

6.  Multi-channel marketing is powerful. With our low-cost and high quantity campaigns, including us with your other advertising           channels will help capture and convert more buyers. Knowing which advertising mediums your customers prefer to receive               information can be challenging. Fortunately, with direct mail you can consistently find good customers at their mailbox almost           every day.  

Your Buyers Will Respond to Penny Postcards


1.   90% of your buyers still use coupons.

2.   60% of your coupon users are competitive and feel like they win when receiving a better price.

3.   81% of your coupon users enjoy seeing how much they can save through collecting and using them.

4.   80% of your coupon users say that using discounts makes them feel smarter.

5.   Using a strong discount on a coupon is still 8 times more effective to retain a past customer. 


USA Today

1.    Americans prefer good, old-fashion paper coupons.

2.   63% report they frequently use coupons they clip from newspapers and receive by mail.

3.   Only 17% said they typed in a discount online.

4.   Only 15% claimed to use discounts and coupons that were saved on their phones. 

5.   Ages 18-24 are using paper coupons twice as much as any other method.